Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)

All employees must have CSTS prior to being hired on

CSTS is a computer interactive video-based safety program and is compulsory in Alberta.

  • You can elect to do the course from a remote location such as your home, library etc.
  • CSTS course will take approximately 6-8 hours to complete.
  • Does not need to be done in one continuous sitting
  • Local 146 has ten (10) computers in our Edmonton training department should you choose to do the CSTS course here.

The computer-based safety training courses are offered at the Boilermaker Learning Center. They are offered Monday through Friday. These courses are only provided for Members.

If you are a member of Local 146 and you need to do safety training please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact Tanya by email at tmacleod@boiler­ or by calling our Training center at (780) 451-5992 Ext. 257.  You will need to provide the following:

• A valid e-mail address

• First name, last name and date of birth

Step 2: Following registration an e-mail will be sent to the email address that you provided with

a link to start your CSTS.

Step 3: Do the course and complete the Exam.

Step 4: Email or call Tanya (see contact info in Step 1) to advice her you have completed the exam.

Step 5: Tanya will email you a confirmation letter. You will need to bring this letter to the jobsite.

* If you are a permit or travel card that needs CSTS please contact the ACSA at 780-453-3311 or 

▪ All other safety courses are site and contractor specific and will be given on the jobsite upon being hired.