Boilermakers Lodge 146

CWB and ABSA C Ticket

The Boilermakers Apprenticeship Administration Agency has approval for 2nd and 3rd Year Welding Apprentice Members to obtain a CWB ticket and an ABSA C Ticket.

CWB – All Position SMAW

No charge for successful completion of first time tests for CWB tickets (SMAW All Position).

 ABSA C Tickets

It is recommended that all 2nd and 3rd years will do CWB first then they can work on getting their C tickets, contact Edmonton or Calgary Welding Training Centres for additional details.

Both C and B ticket course will be taught using GTAW (TIG) root with E7018 fill and cap.

Test reimbursement available upon providing appropriate certification from ABSA

Note: Please remember the training and courses are provided on a first come first serve basis.  Availability of these options may be limited during peak turnaround and welder testing times.


Contact  Edmonton Welding Training Centre: 780-451-5999    or     Calgary Learning Centre: 403-253-6976