Boilermakers Lodge 146

Pre-Mobilization Tips

Most jobs in Alberta require the following:

Most worksites in Alberta require that you present the following documentation:

  • Government Photo ID
  • Trade Tickets (must be hard copy)
  • Safety Tickets (must be hard copy)

Be sure to bring CSA approved eyewear and work boots to the site. Be sure to check what the employer will provide and what you are responsible to bring.

Most worksites request that men be clean shaven daily.

CSTS (Construction Safety Training System) Certificate

CSTS 2020 is free till the end of 2022. Please take advantage of this training if you do not already have this ticket.

Follow these instructions on how to access the CSTS 2020 online training:

Click on this link:

Click on Register Here and set up your profile. At the bottom click division and enter Boilermakers, choose ID 217589. You will then be prompted to choose a password.

Click on CSTS 2020 Fundamentals (you do not need to do the add ons)

Once you are finished you can print your ticket by clicking My Courses on the main dashboard. Select Completed courses in the drop down box and click view credentials. You can print off your ticket and also please send us a copy so we can update your file.

If you are having any issues, please contact the ACSA at 1.855.SAF.T.REG for help.

Pre-Access Drug and Alcohol Testing

General Information

The majority of jobsites have mandatory Drug and Alcohol (D&A) testing. There are three types of D&A tests: Pre-Access Testing (required by most employers to gain access to jobsite); Post-Incident Testing (testing after result or involvement in an incident); and For Cause Testing.

Pre-Access Testing:

  • Do not test in advance of receiving a dispatch slip
  • Upon being dispatched you will be given a telephone number to call to book an appointment for your test
  • Your test will be booked at a facility close to your residence (there are hundreds of locations across Canada)
  • A five panel test will be conducted under the Guidelines of the Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace and the United States DOT Program
  • Be prepared to provide your full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, company name and jobsite.
  • At the testing facility you will be required to provide government issued picture ID (i.e., Driver’s License) or provide two pieces of valid identification with a minimum of one being picture ID.

Things to remember:

  • Keep your copy of the test form – this is your personal and confidential copy for your reference
  • Results usually take 24-48 hours
  • Do not go to the jobsite unless you have negative test results – you will not be admitted to camp or hired-on until you receive your results


Please Be AWARE – Tests may take up to three hours to complete so be sure to account for this amount of time when booking a test. Leaving the facility for any reason before being cleared by the collector constitutes a FAILURE and you will not be rehired or retested. As well, employers may have policies which may restrict or limit future employment with them. For any clarifications on an individual employers policies contact the Lodge.