Boilermakers Lodge 146

Canadian Boilermaker Travel Cards

Getting Work Through Lodge 146:

Step 1: Find out what jobs are available

  • Job Line updated nightly (at approx 6:00pm MST)
  • Job Line viewable on website by clicking on View Callout
  • Jobs that indicate: OPEN TO:  Travel Cards or OPEN TO: All are available for bidding

Step 2: Write down Job Numbers that interest you

Step 3: Register to the Travel Card Online Portal – DO NOT CALL THE HALL you must Register Online    Register 

Step 4: Dispatch

  • Dispatching for Travel Cards begins at 11:00 am MST till 3:00 pm MST*
  • If you are NOT called it is because the jobs are filled or the Dispatch Department ran out of time

Step 5: If you are not called

  • Return to Step 1 after 6:00 pm MST

* in some cases the Dispatch Department may continue to call until 9:00 or 10:00 pm depending on the workload and job start urgency.

 Travel Card Apprentices: Before you are dispatched through Lodge 146, be proactive and provide a letter from your home lodges Training Coordinator indicating your legal apprentice classification.

Caution! Any inconsistency from what an apprentice discloses to dispatch and what is sent from their Training Coordinator, will be considered falsification of level and that travel card apprentice will not be eligible for dispatch from lodge 146 until they can provide a Red Seal Certification in their trade. Know what level you are!