Boilermakers Lodge 146

Step #3: Sign The Permit Out-Of-Work List

Register in Person

  • Report to the Boilermaker Dispatch Hall, 15220 114 Ave, Edmonton Alberta.
  • Ask to sign your name on the Permit Out-of-Work List
  • Permits are required to re-sign the list after every job and at the beginning of each month (the list is deleted at the end of each month).

Calgary & Area Permits may:

  • Report to the Calgary Hall, 11055 48 Street SE
  • Get credentials verified and fill out a personal Information Form
  • Calgary Staff will enter your information into our data base and place you on an out-of-work list.
  • go home and wait.  When we need you the Dispatch team will call and dispatch you.

If the Dispatch Team decides to purge the PPJP list an email will be sent to all remaining permits on the purged list to call or come to the Calgary Hall to be placed back on the list.